Soccer Physics

"Soccer Physics is probably the funniest football game you'll play on iOS"

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Wrestle Jump

"... One of the best multiplayer games in ages." -IGN

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Tank of Tanks

"It's everything a local multiplayer game should be: simple and fun."

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Mole Hammers

"... Easily recommendable for players of all ages thanks to its one button controls and addicting game elements."

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Local multiplayer iOS games!

Play with a friend on a same device, iPad or iPhone!

Tank of Tanks, Mole Hammers, Tug the Table, Wrestle Jump and Soccer Physics are super simple and easy to learn two player games created by me, Otto-Ville Ojala.

Thanks to

Tuokio, Unity3D, 2d Toolkit, Protomo,
Pond5 for the music in Wrestle Jump (Composer: Craig Riley), Tug the Table (Composer: Justin Nihiser), Mole Hammers (Composer: Justin Nihiser), Tank of Tanks (Composer: StrayWorx) and Soccer Physics (Composer: StrayWorx),
freeSFX and BFXR for some of the sound effects in Wrestle Jump, Tug the Table, Mole Hammers, Tank of Tanks and Soccer Physics,
Pim Coumans, Daniel Schroeder, Matt Rix, Daniele Giardini, Henri Kuismin, Robert Faludi, Jussi Salonen, Lauri Katajisto, Alessandro Ituarte, Teemu Talasrinne, Elina Siltanen, The Fight of the Sumo-Hoppers, QWOP, Veggie Guarding, IGN, Miniclip, Kongregate, NotDoppler, PocketGamer, App Spy, Jay is Games,, Appgefahren, iPhoneItalia,, Touch Arcade, Maria and Outi for the German App Store translations, my brother and all the awesome beta testers